Start a Business with little Investment

How to Start a Business with little Investment? (2017 Update)

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Starting a Business

The title of the post may not go down well with many, but remember that the rules of the game have altered significantly. Now, a start-up is no longer based solely on how much you intend to spend. Today, your financial position doesn’t determine the success of your business. Times have changed, and so should you. Particularly, if you’re to make it big in a competitive business environment. Mind can get the job done, whatever it may be. Well, without sounding too philosophical (Aristotle would already be proud of me), let’s dig down deep into what avenues an individual needs to explore in order to set up a successful business without having to worry much about the initial investment.


Start a Business with little Investment

Start a Business with little Investment


Sell an Idea, Not a Business Venture

Again, totally absurd! Isn’t it? Well, it isn’t. All you have to do is to put your thinking cap on. Borrow it from someone, if you don’t have one. Just make sure you think, think and think. If you can come up with a unique idea that you’re able to sell, then the capital required would be immaterial. Think of Microsoft, think of apple, think of McDonalds (feeling hungry already). All of these corporate ventures revolve around a unique idea- an idea that not only transformed the lives of the individuals who construed it, but billions around the world continue to be benefited by such innovation.

Help yourself by helping others

Don’t take it wrong. When you intend to start a business, you’re goal, obviously, is to make money. You can do all the philanthropy later. However, would you mind helping others out while you continue to grow financially? Think of ideas that can be of help to the general public. A start-up that can generate goodwill (separate from the financial concept of goodwill) for the public is more likely to attract more customers. After all, if you’re able to solve someone’s problem, it is inevitable that they’ll keep coming back to you. Therefore, all you need is to link your financial growth to helping others.

Creativity knows no Limits

If you’re to start a business without much initial investment, then you need to be creative. You have to come out of comfort zone, think big and be innovative. Only then you’d be able to make it big. If your business idea is technically feasible, somewhat innovative, and aims at helping the people in general, then most of the financial institutions or government funding agencies would provide you with the money without hassle. But, for that, you need to prove your mettle. Let them know how creative you are. Hit it big, do it Now!

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