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How Do You Make a Car Insurance Claim (2017 Update)

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How do you make a car insurance claim 

car insurance

car insurance

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What comes to your mind when your car gets damaged? The repair or replacement costs, that’s right. Of course, no one wants to suffer any sort of accident, but it is vital to be prepared in advance for contingencies of life – one of the reasons why Singapore has mandated motor insurance for everyone who has a car.  

However, having your car covered by insurance is not enough. What’s the point of it, if you fail to claim for losses and liabilities? When claiming insurance, you must be well aware of the dos and don’ts of the procedure. Car insurance claims come with various terms and conditions that must be kept in mind. Understanding your policy coverage and keeping in mind the conditions will help you successfully claim for losses. Here’s a short guide on how you can make car insurance claims.  


Understanding Different Coverage Types 

Accidents can be tragic. They could be caused by fire or a crash. Again, they can involve you alone or multiple people. One involved in car accidents can suffer damages to their car as well as personal and third party injuries. Car insurance in Singapore offers cover for the damages and injuries suffered by you as well as third parties.  

Third Party Only 

If you have a Third Party Only (TPO) insurance policy, it covers the other party only. Meaning, if there’s an accident where your car crashes with that of someone else and both of you suffer damage, the insurer will pay for the other parties damage and not yours. Such coverage can be beneficial when you are responsible for an accident as it pays for the liabilities that otherwise could cost you a fortune.  

Third Party, Fire, and Theft 

This insurance coverage is an extended policy that covers damage to your car by fire or theft in addition to liability to a third party. So, if your car gets stolen or catches fire, then you are eligible for claiming insurance.  

Comprehensive Coverage 

This type of insurance offers a wide coverage that includes accidental damage and damage by theft or fire to your own vehicle, accessories, and spare parts, along with the above-mentioned covers. The coverage also offers personal accident benefits and covers medical expenses for the driver arising from the accident. This is one of the most commonly bought insurance in Singapore.  

Making Car Insurance Claims 

Now, that you have understood the different types of coverage, let’s move on to what you must know when making an insurance claim.  

Bear in Mind Your NCD 

When your car suffers damage, the first thing that strikes your mind is calling your insurer. Well, stop there and think about your ‘no claim discount’. No claim discount is a concession offered by insurers to drivers for every year you do not make a claim. Now, this does not mean that you do not call your insurer in spite of severe damage. Severe damages are exceptions, but if your car suffers minor scratches or dents, its best you take care of it yourself. Make sure you call the insurer within 24 hours, as that is the limit to request a claim.  

Note Contact Details of Involved Parties and Take Photos 

Making a claim requires you to be ready with proofs as well as details of the accident, the site, and the parties involved. Get details of the parties involved in the incident along with your own. Not down their name, NRIC number, insurance company name, address and contact number, and the details of their car. Along with this, take photos of the vehicles and the site that shows the damage, car number plates, and relevant features on the road. Make sure you do not try to touch or fidget with the vehicle in such a situation.  

Do Not Say You’re Fine  

In case of an accident, a police investigator will be called upon the site. A question that will erupt from them as well as the parties involved is whether or not you are fine. It’s best to say that you will have to get it checked. Some injuries might show up after a day or two of the accident and by saying you’re fine, you may fail to claim for them. How much ever panicked you are, avoid saying you’re fine during such times.  

Check for Authorised Workshops 

Every insurer has a list of authorised workshops and considers only the details you get from there. If you do not know, call up the insurer and ask for the list of authorised ones. Make sure you take the names in writing and not orally. Although there are certain insurers who allow your preferred workshops, it is best to clarify, or else you may lose the claim.  

Be Cautious When Filling the Form 

When involved in an accident you will have to fill two forms – An Accident Statement and an Individual Statement. The accident statement is used to establish the damage and must be signed by both parties. Caution must be exercised when filling an individual statement. Sometimes, people fill in detailed information and end up losing claims. It is best to be specific and give a brief. In case the insurer needs more information, make them talk to you.  

Making car insurance claims requires you to exercise caution and bear the above-mentioned points in mind. While these were some, a successful car insurance claim also depends on the insurer, your policy terms, and your driving record. Make sure you buy a good insurance policy to ensure you do not face issues when claiming for losses.  



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