Top 10 Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Top 10 Money Lenders in Singapore (2020 Update)

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TOp 10 Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

There are so many money lenders in Singapore. But are you able to tell the difference between licensed and unlicensed money lenders? Furthermore, there are so many licensed money lenders, how do you know which are better than the rest? Like in every business, there will definitely be black sheep in the industry.

Top 10 Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Top 10 Licensed Money Lender Singapore

After getting reviews from people who have borrowed from moneylenders and our own personal experience after going down to their offices, we have compiled the following list:

1. KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd

KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd

KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd in the previously known as KBB Credit was started service from the year 2010. Since the day they start to operate, they have helped countless clients. With the excellent loan package with flexible tenure, there has a long list of good reviews from satisfied clients.

KBB is offering a personal loan as low as 1% to Singapore local and foreigner to apply.In some event, you are shopping for a loan, do not hesitate to contact them at +65 6255 6998 or email at to allow their manager to call you back.  The skillful consultants will be always standby there to assist you with any question that you may have! KBB is one of the few moneylenders open on Sunday!

You can count on KBB Credit to provide you with the best personal loan available in Singapore.

The office is located at 111 North Bridge Road #01-35 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098. Click here to surf their website and find out more.

Google Reviews of KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd

2. Accredit Pte Limited

Top 10

Accredit Licensed Money Lender is a legal moneylender enroll from the Ministry of Law Singapore, listed in the Registry of Moneylenders. Besides that, Accredit Pte Limited is the focus on responsibility for making consumer financing. They are offering the credit solution which inclusive low interest personal loan, fast processing business loan, easy access short term loan, and instant foreigner loan. Moreover, they also encourage the debt consolidation loan, you may consolidate your different debts into one bill.

They have 4 outlets:

Accredit @ TampinesAddress:503 Tampines Central 1, #01-315, Singapore 520503
Phone:6226 2662
Reviews:Google Reviews


Accredit @ HougangAddress:1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-15 The Midtown, Singapore 533971
Phone:6245 2662
Reviews:Google Reviews


Accredit @ Tiong BahruAddress:18, #01-04 Jln Membina, Singapore 164018
Phone:6261 2662
Reviews:Google Reviews


Accredit @ YishunAddress:743 Yishun Ave 5, #01-548, Singapore 760743
Phone:6219 2662
Reviews:Google Reviews



Alternatively, email to them let the manager call you, the email is

Click here to surf their website and find out more.

3. Quick Credit Pte Ltd

Quick Credit Pte Ltd

Quick Credit is first and foremost the most trusted money lender in the industry. Boasting a long history of customer satisfaction, since 2002. Quick Credit has been tirelessly serving our most in need clients, for that financial crisis that you just can’t avoid. Offering a variety of loan products, from payday loans to personal loans and foreigner loans, come talk to us. Quick Credit is sure to lend you a helping hand and a listening ear, whenever you need it. In addition, they are also one of the licensed moneylender open on weekends.

Read our customer’s testimony to see what they have to say:

“Quick Credit is the place that I found HOPE. They listen to your problems and provide you with a manageable loan repayment scheme that you will not feel stress. They are the friendliest and helpful money lender that I’ve encountered. I’ve developed a personal relationship with them. Now I see them as personal friends rather than “money lender” that most of us feared. Thank you. Quick Credit.”

For any inquiries, you can contact Quick Credit at +65 68996188, or you can drop them an email at Their office is located at 2 Jurong East Street 21 #04-01A IMM Building, Singapore 609601. Open every day of the week, Quick Credit is a Money lender open on Sundays.

Google Reviews of Quick Credit


4. Best Credit SG Pte Ltd

Best Credit SG Pte Ltd, formerly known as Cing Dien Credit was establised in 1985. Thus, Best Credit SG Pte Ltd is one of the oldest licensed money lender approved by Registrar of Moneylenders (IPTO) in Singapore. They have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Best Credit SG Pte Ltd specializes in providing loans to Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and even Foreigners who are working in Singapore.

Due to their experience in the money lender industry, they are able to approve the loan in a very short time. They have and are still constantly working hard to ensure that they meet all customer expectations. Best Credit SG Pte Ltd has helped many people to get access to money fast, freeing themselves from the hassle of going through a bank.

Have a question for Best Credit SG Pte Ltd? Call them at +65 6272 5538. You may also drop by their office at Blk 372 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-374 (Level 2) Singapore 650372 to request for a loan. Except for public holidays, Best Credit SG Pte Ltd is open everyday!

Google Reviews of Best Credit SG Pte Ltd


5. 1st Credit SG

1st Credit SG

1st Credit SG, formerly known as Ariksha Moneylender is another great legal money lender in Singapore. They have been operation since 1990. This means that they have been in the money lending industry for 27 years! With so many years of experience on hand, their higher management has trained a capable team of people to continue providing cash services to the public.

1st Credit SG, formerly known as Ariksha Moneylender has built up a strong reputation for themselves. As such, they constantly receive referrals from their existing clients. Their existing clients are willing to introduce their friends over because they know that 1st Credit SG is a reliable moneylender in Singapore.

If you’re looking for a loan, you may call them at +65 6266 5422 or you can visit their office at 149 Rochor Road #01-07 Fu Lu Shou Complex Singapore 188425

1st Credit SG is also another money lender open on weekends!

Google Reviews of 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd


6. 1st LG Credit

1st LG Credit is another money lender that we highly recommend. As an experienced and professional money lender that has been in business for a very long time, you can expect 1st LG Credit to offer you nothing but the best. Now, as a money lender that has is very steeped in tradition, they have been license by the Ministry of Law since 1991.

As you can tell, all the reviews and ratings that you read about 1st LG Credit points to it being one of the best moneylenders in Singapore. This approval is unanimous throughout all borrowers. You will read reviews about how the professional staffers here are hospitable and friendly. Also, you will read about how they offer you the best terms of loans. 1st LG Credit works hard to provide customers with a positive experience, and you can tell it really shows how their hard work has been paying off!

For more information, visit their office at  304 Orchard Road #02-29 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863. Very easy to get to, 1st LG Credit is a licensed money lender in Orchard Road, the beautiful town of Singapore. Doors are open from Monday to Friday 11AM – 8PM and Saturday to Sunday 12PM to 5PM.

Or, you can call them at Office telephone: +65 6299 6654 or Email: 

Google Reviews of 1st LG Credit Pte Ltd


7. Quick Loan Pte Ltd

Quick Loan Pte Ltd

Previously Quick Loan Pte Ltd is named as Quick Loan 101. Ministry of Law Singapore had given licensed for Quick Loan Pte Ltd operate as a licensed moneylender in Singapore. They have expanding to be a prevailing and popular financial purveyor, garnering recognition from the financial industry and customer alike. Oftenly, the loan advisor patient and comprehend to all borrower concerns, ready to provide the loan they truly necessary.

Pick up the phone ring to them at 6223 1788 to get the best offer. Or head down to their office at 10 Anson Road #01-15 International Plaza Singapore 079903. Click here to surf their website and find out more.

Google Reviews of Quick Loan Pte Ltd


8. Singapura Finance

Singapura Finance

Singapura Finance Ltd is founded in 1950. Their brand is built on the characteristics of ‘optimism, inspiration, and confidence’. Singapura Finance Ltd understand the needs of people and package deals to suit them. They also continue to engage their customers’ needs in making every dream into a reality.

Their relationship managers are always ready to help you make the best financial decision to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. In order to do that, they have a wide range of products to cover all the needs.

For a list of their offices and branches, please view the list here. If you have any loan-related inquiry, you can contact them at +65 6880 0688.


9. OCBC Personal Loan

OCBC Personal Loan

OCBC is a former bank which offering both flexible repayment and fixed repayment loan. This option is comfortable for different people with various needs. Frequently, EasiCredit is a line of credit that gives the borrower with the flexibility of select tenure repayment and the amount you would like to repay on your outstanding balance.

Click here to check out their website to find out more

10. POSB Personal Loan

POSB Personal Loan

Desire for large size personal loan? Now, you can fulfil your way of life desire with POSB Personal loan that provides you up to 10 times of your monthly salary at an interest rate. POSB is a previous foundation for offering personal loan. The financing cost offered to you is as per your own credit and pay profile. It might vary from the distributed rate and the rate offered to different borrowers.

Click here to surf their website and find out more.

At Credit Review, we aim to be one of the best money lender review sites in Singapore. We will be constantly updating our best moneylender list. If you have different opinions from us, please let us know and we will review our list again.

If you are looking to take a loan from licensed moneylender, have a look through our list of money lender and see if there is anything suitable for you. We do not have the full list yet but we are working hard to update it.

Are you a licensed moneylender in Singapore? Don’t see your company is listed in our list? Please drop us a message and we will work hard to ensure that you’ve added to our list.

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