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Singapore Money Lender Review

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Singapore Money Lender Review

Here at Credit Review, we understand you. We know that if you had a choice, you would not be borrowing from a money lender. If we did not have an emergency need, who would willingly take a loan from a money lender? Just to pay the interest rate? You must be kidding! If we could avoid taking such loans, we most definitely would. This is not some thing that is done for fun. There is an expensive price to pay most of the time. Thus, borrowing money from a money lender, what ever the reason, can be understood as something to be avoided.

There is also some thing at work here. Some thing that plays into our psychology. Some thing that may not be obvious as first glance. I am sure none of us can deny this. That there is a negative stigma that attaches to all money lenders. The public understands money lending as something that is undesirable. As some thing to avoid. If it could be avoided. After all, even if there are extremely strict regulations that regulate and restrict the money lending industry. This means that all money lenders are conducting their business in an upright manner.


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In spite of all these regulations, the money lenders in Singapore still have such a stigma attached to it. Here at Credit Review, we know the reason why. It is entirely because of unreputable money lenders that bring shame to the whole industry. These undesirable money lenders use under hand tactics. They are aggressive in their sale and collection. Even as a borrower, you might find yourself being coerced or forced into taking a loan that you do not want in the first place. Suffice to say, these bad money lenders are scary. And thus you as a borrower should avoid them at any cost.

This is where Credit Review may be of some service to you. Credit Review is a review platform for money lenders. Here, users can submit their reviews of money lenders that they have had business with. Though the user submitted reviews, we can thus tell whether a money lender is bad. Or if they use any coercive tactics in order to make money. Here at Credit Review, we are also of a certain opinion. This opinion has arises from our numerous dealings with the reviews that concern money lenders. From our aggregate reviews and ratings, we are pleased to say that a majority of money lenders in the Singapore money lending industry are good lenders. The bad money lenders that give the whole industry a stigma is an extreme minority.

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In any Case, it is still better to be safe than sorry. We must do what we can to avoid any and all of the bad money lenders. If that is your intention, i am pleased to say that you have come to the right place. Here at Credit Review, you can browse through our user submitted reviews for individual money lenders. That way, you can decided for your self, which is a bad money lender and which is a good one. Contact us for any queries.