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Singapore License Money Lender Review

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Singapore License Money Lender Review


Dear Borrower,

I think we can all generally acknowledge one thing. That a survey of reviews will more or less correspond to one thing. This thing being the quality of a money lender in Singapore. For example, consider the following scenario. Does it at all seem likely that a license money lender with excellent customer service, professional and courteous, will suffer a poor aggregate review? If a money lender has truly satisfied the service expectations of a borrower, will they receive poor reviews? Additionally, if a money lender has consistently charged low interest rates to borrowers in need. Do you think it will be likely that these borrowers, that have been helped, should leave said money lenders with poor reviews?

Thus, there are important lessons that we can learn from this. We must have a better understanding of what exactly are reviews. And this is where, we at Credit Review, is able to offer you some help. From our understanding, reviews are actually a type of voting. To put it simply, poor reviews are a form of negative votes. Like wise, good reviews are a form of positive votes. In any given scenario, a money lender that has consistently put in the work required to satisfy their customer, offering a high level of professionalism and service. These are the money lenders that are likely to have good reviews. This is because when many customers walk away feeling satisfied, they are more inclined to leave a good review.

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Dear Borrowers,

please answer this simple question. When you have had a bad experience, will you lie about it and call it a good experience? On the other hand, if you have had a good experience, will you lie about it and call it a bad experience? Your answer to that question is likely to be a no. Simply put, such a lie would do no benefit for you. Thus, reviews are among the most trustworthy sources when it comes to assessing a money lender. If a money lender has treated you poorly, rudely, and are unpleasant. Then these money lenders deserve a bad review.

A bad review might be helpful to other borrowers in some cases. Firstly, you have the ability to warn other borrowers about your unpleasant experience. What this may do is that it may dissuade other borrowers from taking a loan from the same money lender. You are able to save other borrowers from the same fate that you suffer.

Secondly, by leaving a bad review, to a tiny extent, you are able to punish the bad money lender for what ever they have inflicted on you. Perhaps you can see the advantages of that, but we shall not go into details about that right here.

Credit Review’s Singapore License Money Lender Review

In conclusion, what the team here at Credit Review is trying to say is this. Please feel free to leave your reviews and share your experiences with us. This way, we are a platform that can forward these views to the general public, to avoid any unpleasant experiences when it comes to taking a loan from money lenders. For this, feel free to contact us via email or through a telephone. We’ll be waiting.