Credit Review - Photo from Shin Min - Loan sharks set fire to house

Loan sharks set fire, toddler sent to hospital

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Credit Review - Photo from Shin Min - Loan sharks set fire to house

Credit Review – Photo from Shin Min – Loan sharks set fire to house

A 14 month old child was send to the hospital due to smoke inhalation. Loan sharks allegedly set fire to his parents’ rental flat just two weeks after moving in. They went to bed at about 1am that night, when there was no sign of anything unusual. The main door however is set on fire forty five minutes later.

He told Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao in a report yesterday that neighbours helped douse the flames as well. However, his son had inhaled smoke and they sent him to hospital.

Mr Chen discovered the word “Andy” written on the wall four times, which he believes is the name of the former owner of the flat. Mr Chen told Wanbao that the previous flat owner owed $200 in phone bills and received many tickets for traffic violations.

His spouse is a housewife and often stays at home with his young son, and he is worried for their safety. Spooked by the encounter, he hopes to move out.

Loan shark activities are not uncommon here. Last month, loan shark runners sent video threats of a house on fire. In addition, red paint was splashed on an elderly woman’s door and a metal chain was latched on her door to prevent her from leaving.

Speaker of Parliament, Halimah Yacob, said that such sinister activities carried out by loan sharks were a serious threat. These harassment actions will therefore not be tolerated by the law.

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