Moneylender Review - M1, Singtel staff sentenced.

M1, Singtel staff sold details to loanshark

Moneylender Review - M1, Singtel staff sentenced.
Moneylender Review – M1, Singtel staff sentenced.

A former M1 customer service officer was sentenced to 17 months’ jail, three strokes of the cane and a $90,000 fine on Thursday (Feb 18).

Tay Kunhong, 33, was also ordered to pay a penalty of $5,400 for accepting bribes from a loan shark in exchange for obtaining M1 customers’ particulars.

He also gave bribes to his friend, Choo Kok Leong, 36, then a customer retention officer with Singtel, as reward for helping him obtain various persons’ particulars from Singtel’s subscriber database.

He did this by using his desktop computer to access M1’s system and sent the details to the moneylender.

In another case, Tay handed over his ATM card to a loan shark to help him in his moneylending business in exchange for $250 for his help.

In September last year, he accepted a loan shark’s offer of $200 to splash paint and write on the walls of a debtor’s home in Admiralty Link.

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