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How Can You Invest In Singapore If You Are A Foreigner? (2017 Update)

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If you are a season investor you may  know the importance of Singapore as a trading hub. The city state is best known for its financial sector and growth opportunities. Due to the tremendously favorable and business friendly environment. It has drawn around 3000 companies from China and India alone. In addition, multinational corporations reaching […]

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How to Unearth a Misstatement in Financial Statements? (2017 Update)

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A misstatement in the financial information can cause havoc, particularly for the ones involved in the preparation phase. The auditor also has to dig down deep to look for possibilities of misstatements in any of the five statements that form part of a set of financial statements. These five statements are; Statement of comprehensive income, […]

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How Capital Management Enhances Firm Profitability (2017 Update)

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How capital management enhances firm profitability Managing working capital plays very significant role in the success of business. This is because it directly affects the profitability of firm and also the liquidity. Current assets, like short term assets are the working capitals. To test the effect of working capital on the profitability, we use panel […]

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